Color Band is featured on Apple's App Store!

Color Band is featured on the App Store!!

Color Band is on the Main Banner in 13 countries!!

Got featured was already great, but up to the main banner? Awesome!!
Color Band is my first app got put up on the main banner. This is by far the best record of my indie carrier, it just feels like winning an award.

Although financial wise Color Band still doesn't make my living, but a good record on the belt is enough for now. Encouraging me to continue the adventure of game developing and reaching out to the golden land of success.


Color Band - for your iPad available on App Store

Color Band - a kids friendly music app i get involved with lately is now released on the App Store!

Color Band is a complete sound sandbox and art creation tool packed full of fun for you and your kids. A unique way to introduce the young ones to music creation and art!

Color Band is FREE for download, so what are you waiting for? :)
Get Color Band NOW!

Color Band - launch screenshots


Space Qube - Qubes & Power-Ups

The latest clip of Space Qube. This time we're showing how different ship a player built could affect the ship's attributes. Also a sneak peek of the weapon upgrades.

Hope you like it. :)



去年的6月1日, 下到機場把狗送檢疫後, 一出機場就直奔殯儀館... 到今天剛好一年過去了,  始終無法忘懷當時的感受. 自己選擇留在台灣的決定從當初的堅定變成現在的無奈與痛苦. 這一天, 雖然是生日, 但無法開心... 照樣處理著每天該做的家事, 照樣為工作的事憂煩, 心情照樣無法放鬆.

有時看著朋友們在facebook上開心出遊的照片, 會很羨慕. 至少他們可以隨意的出去吃頓飯, 至少可以隨意的去哪走走, 現在這些對我來說都不是簡單能做到的事. 也許是自己給自己的壓力, 但很多都是我要做的事...就算我不做也沒有人會幫忙做的事...所以, 只好我來扛.

如果老天真的要給我什麼任務的話, 那就讓我生活稍微輕鬆點吧, 讓我少點憂煩吧...還是, 這些都只是試煉? 除了剝奪走我的物質生活外, 還要再剝奪些什麼? 要我成就些什麼?